IDEAL4RWE Training Programme 2022-23

Equipping the real-world evidence research leaders of the future

For DIGICORE to succeed in its mission to improve cancer outcomes in Europe, it will need to transform the landscape of digital research. This requires securing funding, building infrastructure, and developing scientific hypotheses. However, the success of our mission also hinges on skilled individuals.
Unfortunately, there is currently a significant skills gap in clinical researchers who can effectively integrate digital methods into healthcare systems and elevate the quality of care management worldwide.

To bridge this gap and empower future research leaders in real-world evidence (RWE) research, we have created the IDEAL4RWE Programme. Drawing from extensive academic and commercial expertise in cancer outcomes research, this program equips young researchers with the necessary skills, including accessing funding opportunities.

IDEAL4RWE in numbers

The programme combines different elements to provide a broad education in RWE leadership

An overview of the opportunities, challenges and practice of RWE in cancer
Technical skills to realise "the art of the possible", including novel study designs and technologies
Research leadership skills, including self-awareness, forming teams across diverse functions and geographies, influencing systems and managing projects and budget
Opportunities for networking and building relationships across different countries in Europe
Learning by doing: forming teams and conducting original "proof of concept" studies

Part I
Basics of RWE and form teams

4 seminars delivered

  • Introduction to IDEAL4RWE and ovarian case study
  • Team formation and patient involvement case study
  • Application guidance and prostate case study
  • Planning for data and RWE for HTS case study

4 teams self-organised and submitted applications

Leadership Advisory Board reviewed and fed back on applications

Part II
Five components

Leadership "retreats":
Paris (September 2022) and Frankfurt (March 2023)
Action Learning Sets
Seminar series:
Advanced RWE technical training
Working on a proof-of-concept real world study

Learn more about IDEAL4RWE from our trainees