Update from DIGICORE on development of a digital outcomes research network design

Published on the OECI Magazine N.1-2023

DIGICORE aims to help its European members prepare for the digital revolution that will transform research through the routine use of electronic health records and molecular diagnostic information for trial automation, outcomes research, digital diagnostics, and care quality management.

The development of the DIGICORE alliance begun with OECI institutions and representatives 4 years ago and after almost 2 years incubation time came into legal being in April 2021 (…)

DIGICORE: toward a European Digital Institute for Cancer Outcomes Research, and a practical answer to RWD studies

Published on the OECI Magazine N. 1 – 2021

After almost two years incubation time, early in April 2021 a new Organisation focused on producing cancer real world evidence, came into legal being – the DIGital Institute for Cancer Outcomes REsearch (DIGICORE).

Like the Organisation of European Cancer Institutes, DIGICORE is set-up as a European Economic Interest Grouping (…)

Introducing the DIGital Institute for Cancer Outcomes REsearch “DIGICORE”
Digicore Board of Directors and Commercial Research Manager

Published on the OECI Magazine N. 2 – 2020

Real World Evidence can be a powerful complement to traditional trials that allows the clinical research community to tackle certain important research topics. These vary from outcomes research to establish the true efficacy of treatment on real populations (…)