Working with our Network

Associate Members

Any cancer center/institute, Organisation (including those composed by two or more members, legal entity or natural person active in cancer, including prevention, research, care, rehabilitation, provision of services, established in a EU Member State or elsewhere, may be an “Associate Member” of the Grouping (hereafter called “Associate Member”).

Any Associate Member from a State which has applied for accession to the European Union, shall have the right to ask to become Member of the Grouping from the date of their State accession to the European Union, in accordance with the conditions set out in Article 6 herein.

The Associate Members are not liable with respect to third parties for the affairs of the Grouping. The Associate Members are liable to the Grouping for what concerns the contractual commitments they may have taken to the Grouping.

The General Assembly may decide to establish as appropriate, categories of "Associate Membership" other than the membership pursuant to Article 6.1 of the EEIG contract. For all categories of Associate Membership so established, the General Assembly shall determine the applicable membership conditions, procedures and fees.