DigiONE I3

ERDF I3-funded DIGItal Infrastructure for ONcology in Europe
ERDF Interregional Innovation Investment Instrument
15 Hospitals; 8 Tech Vendors; 1 Non-profit; Across 9 EU countries
1 November 2023
30 months

This project ("DigiONE I3: DIGItal Infrastructure for ONcology in Europe") proposes to create a federated European digital real world evidence research network that links routine clinical care records with routine molecular diagnostics information and outcomes, and adding layers of privacy protection, GDPR compliance, and data automation to improve care quality and enable digital oncology research services, such as pragmatic precision medicine clinical trials and advanced Real-World Evidence.

Objectives for this project are to:

  • Create Europe wide digital interoperability on cancer clinical records
  • Drive MEDOC into routine use as a minimal research record that can be scaled
  • Build interoperability tooling for hospitals to use and create a competitive market
  • Develop a multi-vendor, multi-test interoperability solution for molecular data under GDPR
  • Invest in hospital IT team capacity and upskill on interoperability and research IT needs
  • Invest in hospital digital research capacity development
  • Connect mature and less mature hospitals to create an MVP European digital research network
  • Develop business models and contracting with fair benefit sharing for digital research services