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Cancer Mission

In Horizon Europe, the European Commission introduced five flagship R&I "Missions" in the areas of climate change, cancer, oceans, cities, and food. These Missions aim to solve big societal problems through collaboration and innovation.

The European cancer Mission proposes a major investment to prevent and treat cancer, with 13 Recommendations to achieve its goal.

Here are the key recommendations put forward by the EC read in the context of DIGICORE.
Based on our best interpretation of the recommendations, we carried out a prioritisation of commercial research priorities against an assumed future real world research network.

Recommendation 1 UNCAN.EU

Launch – a European initiative of large scale basic research to understand cancer, such as ICGC ARGO

Polygenic Risk Score
Recommendation 2 Polygenic Risk Score

EU-wide research programme to improve genetic screening and analysis and identify (poly)genic risk score

Effective Cancer Prevention Strategy
Recommendation 3 Effective Cancer Prevention Strategy

Public health programmes and comparative research across EU and member state

Screening & Early Detection
Recommendation 4 Screening & Early Detection

Develop more cost-effective programmes and optimise the existing ones in more cancers with better patient uptake

Personalised Medicine
Recommendation 5 Personalised Medicine

Advance and implement personilised medicine approaches for all cancer patients in Europe

Diagnostic & Minimally Invasive TX
Recommendation 6 Diagnostic & Minimally Invasive TX

Develop an EU-wide research programme on early diagnostics and minimal invasion avoiding over-treatment

Survivorship Quality of Life
Recommendation 7 Survivorship Quality of Life

Research focused on improving quality of life for long-term cancer survivors, family members and carers, and all the persons with an increased cancer risk

European Cancer Patient Digital Centre
Recommendation 8 European Cancer Patient Digital Centre

Create a European Cancer Patient Digital Centre where cancer patients and survivors can share their data for personalised care

Cancer Health Equity (Policy)
Recommendation 9 Cancer Health Equity (Policy)

Overcome inequities of quality and access to cancer treatment across Member States

Comprehensive Cancer Infrastructures
Recommendation 10 Comprehensive Cancer Infrastructures

Set up accredited CCIs within and across all EU Member states to increase quality of research and care

Childhood & Adolescent Cancer
Recommendation 11 Childhood & Adolescent Cancer

Generate the evidence needed to advance diagnostic, treatment, and survivorship support

Oncology-focused Living Labs
Recommendation 12 Oncology-focused Living Labs

Cross-sector research, knowledge sharing and implementation of new technologies to conquer cancer

EU-wide Cancer Research & Innovation Dissemination and Communication facility
Recommendation 13 EU-wide Cancer Research & Innovation Dissemination and Communication facility

Transform cancer culture, communication and capacity building by supporting an accurate knowledge across Europe and stockholders

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