What are our benefits?


Making every willing
patient a research patient
to improve cancer care

For Patients

DIGICORE's primary objective is to improve cancer outcomes through real-world research. In the short term, it will focus on developing a programme for real-world outcomes research. This research uses the experiences of today's cancer patients across different cancer centres to inform researchers about the benefits of various treatment options.


Privacy-conserving digital research methods allow centres to compare outcomes

without sharing individual patient data. They can identify the most effective treatments for different patient groups, improving cancer care in areas like diagnostics, surgery, radiotherapy, and systemic treatments.


In the future, DIGICORE aims to give more patients access to medical innovation

through academic and commercial trials. They plan to collaborate with patient groups and other stakeholders to ensure patient-centred research.

Data privacy is a top priority for DIGICORE


Patients' data always remain under the control of their hospital teams


Personal data are never sent off site without patient approval


The use of data for research is carefully controlled by cancer experts and patient representatives. DIGICORE is also working on advanced research methods to make research more efficient while protecting privacy.

For Cancer Centres

DIGICORE promotes efficient digital research to enhance patient outcomes across various treatments and stages.


Join our collaborative club focused on rare subgroups and cancers

supporting both academic and commercial research.


We provide expertise and guidance on your institution's digitisation journey

with privacy controls and GDPR compliance. Learn from cutting-edge peer institutions and secure funding to integrate your data for research. Join the digital cancer research revolution.

For Lifescience

We aim to solve difficult research problems by creating a large network of connected molecular-clinical data specifically for cancer research under hospital control. Besides traditional observational studies, we focus on three main areas:


Making cohort building more efficient

with pre-contracted networks with molecular data and strong clinical phenotyping at every clinical decision point. This helps understand the natural history and outcomes of rare subgroups.


Developing ethical and compliant methods to study real clinical practice

including the natural experimentation that occurs during individual treatment decision-making, especially for patients with unmet needs. Case series studies have shown to secure reimbursement and extend innovative options to new patient groups.


Transforming the evidence base for large panel tests and new clinical diagnostics

by using Mendelian randomisation on somatic mutations compared to standard care. By improving the evidence base on large panel tests and expanding clinical actionability, we help partners minimize risk during launches and provide patients with broader access to effective innovation and trials.

For Academic Research Funders


As the main funders of academic cancer research, you can make your research spending more efficient and effective

by investing in digital infrastructure. Traditional trials and studies are all one-off and rely on high cost manual processes, with high hidden set-up costs.


By embracing digital tools, you can drive reusability and reproducibility, making your funds go further

This is especially true in the era of precision oncology where every patient is a rare patient from whom we can collectively learn for the benefit of future rare patients.

For Payers

As the main funders of cancer care, you need reliable information on real-world practice and outcomes. Trials might not reflect the complexities of real-world situations.


We believe DIGICORE can provide a better alternative with reliable and comparable evidence

from different care systems. We intend that DIGICORE studies become synonymous with high research standards and excellence in European cancer research.